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SF15-202 M-83 Curtiss Heavy Tank £9.00
SF15-203 M-41 Baumann Infantry Combat Vehicle £8.00
SF15-203a M-411 Baumann Anti-Aircraft Vehicle £8.00
SF15-203b M-412 Baumann with missile turret £8.00
SF15-206 M-51 Oldmann Light Recce Tank £5.00
SF15-206a M-511 Oldmann with missile turret £5.00
SF15-208 M-84 Kochte MBT £8.00

Platoon Packs

PP15-202 Curtiss Platoon Pack £26.00
PP15-206 Oldmann Platoon Pack £14.00
PP15-208 Kochte Platoon Pack £23.00

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