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Page last updated : 15th August 2018

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Our British vehicles have a place in the Hammer's Slammers universe as the Stewart Regiment. You can read more about the Stewarts on the Hammer's Slammers website, including vehicle stats and detachment lists. I've also written a simple guide to painting the two-tone green camouflage on the blog.

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SF15-101 Apollo class Hover Tank £8.00
SF15-103 Artemis class MICV £8.00
SF15-110 Tyche Heavy Anti-tank Gun - angled gunshield £4.00
SF15-110a Tyche Heavy Anti-tank Gun - flat gunshield £4.00
SF15-111 Athena VTOL £17.50

Out of Stock

SF15-160 British Rifle Squad (pack of 10) £3.75
SF15-160b Rifle Squad in Berets (pack of 10) £3.75
SF15-160g Rifle Squad in Glengarries (pack of 10) £3.75
SF15-161 British Support Weapons (pack of 5) £2.00
SF15-161g Support Weapons in Glengarries (pack of 5) £2.00
SF15-162 British HQ Section (pack of 5) £2.25
SF15-162b HQ Section in Berets (pack of 5) £2.25
SF15-162g HQ Section in Glengarries (pack of 6) £2.75
SF15-163 SAS Section (pack of 5) £2.00
SF15-164 Royal Marines in Hardsuits (pack of 5) £2.00
SF15-165a British Tripod MG plus crew (pack of 2) £3.00
SF15-165b British Tripod Railgun plus crew (pack of 2) £3.00
SF15-165c British Tripod Gatling plus crew (pack of 2) £3.00
SF15-165d British Tripod Tri-barrel plus crew (pack of 2) £3.00
SF15-166 The Brigadier £0.50
SF15-170 British Infantry Platoon (pack of 24) £8.50
SF15-170g Infantry Platoon in Glengarries (pack of 24) £8.50
SF15-171 British Mechanised Platoon £30.00
SF15-171g Mechanised Platoon in Glengarries £30.00

Platoon Packs

PP15-101 Apollo Platoon Pack £23.00


B15-1002a British Turret Bunker £9.00

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