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Page last updated : 12th April 2019

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Our EuroFed vehicles also have a place in the Hammer's Slammers universe. They are used by both the West Riding Yeomanry and the Compagnie de Barthe (coming soon). You can read more about the WRY on the Hammer's Slammers website, including vehicle stats, detachment lists and a painting guide.

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SF15-401 Montsabert MBT £8.00
SF15-401a Montsabert Support MBT £8.00
SF15-401b Glorie Artillery Vehicle £8.00
SF15-401c Juin AA Vehicle £8.00
SF15-401d Gallieni Tank Destroyer £8.00
SF15-401f Weygand Missile Carrier £8.00
SF15-401g Montsabert Gatling MBT £8.00
SF15-402 Garibaldi £10.00
SF15-403 Tassigny APC £8.00
SF15-403a Tassigny MICV £8.00
SF15-403b Tassigny Missile Carrier £8.00
SF15-403c Tassigny Command APC £8.00
SF15-403e Tassigny Radar Vehicle £8.00
SF15-403d Tassigny AA Vehicle £8.00
SF15-404 Caribou Light Attack VTOL £7.00
SF15-406 Javelot Scout Car with twin MGs £4.00
SF15-406a Javelot Scout Car with Gatling £4.00
SF15-406b Javelot Scout Car with Manta missiles £4.00
SF15-406c Musareigne Utility 4x4 £4.00
SF15-406d Javelot Scout Car with Radar £4.00
SF15-406e Javelot Scout Car with Mortar £4.00
SF15-407 Gamelin 10-wheel Tank £8.00
SF15-408 Catroux 10-wheel APC £8.00
SF15-408a Catroux Missile Carrier £8.00
SF15-408d Catroux with Remote Gun Mount £8.00
SF15-408e Catroux AA Vehicle £8.00
SF15-410 CAC-41 DS Anti-tank Gun £3.00
SF15-410a CAC-42 Light Howitzer £3.00
SF15-410b CAC-44 Towed Gatling £3.00
SF15-410c CAC-45 Towed Powergun £3.00
SF15-412 Lievre 6x6 Pickup £4.50
SF15-412a Blaireau 6x6 Utility £4.50
SF15-412b Belette 6x6 with MGs £4.50
SF15-412c Belette 6x6 with Gatling £4.50
SF15-412d Belette 6x6 with Missiles £4.50
SF15-412e Martre 6x6 with Radar £4.50
SF15-413 Asterie Remote Gun Mount £1.25
SF15-413a Asterie Remote Gatling Mount £1.25
SF15-413b Asterie Remote Missile Mount £1.25
SF15-413c Oursin de Feu Salvo Missile Mount £1.50
SF15-413d Remote Radar Mount £1.50
SF15-416b Lucane Tracked Missile Launcher £4.00
SF15-416c Lucane Tracked Radar Unit £3.75
SF15-416d Lucane Tracked Gatling £3.75
SF15-416e Ground-mount AA Gun £3.75
SF15-450 Small Wheels (pack of 6) £1.50

Platoon Packs

PP15-401 Montsabert Platoon Pack £23.00
PP15-401d Gallieni Platoon Pack £23.00
PP15-402 Garibaldi Platoon Pack £29.00


B15-1002d EuroFed Turret Bunker £9.00

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