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Page last updated : 24th May 2017

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The revamp of our 15mm range is gathering pace. Most of the old models have been withdrawn and many already replaced by new versions. The last of the original ones will be withdrawn during summer 2014, and the models will continue to appear.

The first of the new British and South African vehicles are due during the summer, accompanied by an expansion to the mercenary brigade.

Our range of scenery and buildings has proved very successful and will continue to expand, and we have plans for infantry figures in the second half of the year.

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15mm Rules (5)
Hammer's Slammer Detachments (8)
Hammers Slammers (12)
Platoon Packs (29)
15mm Figures (88)
British (ONESS) (23)
American Republic (10)
German (ONESS) (19)
European Federation (45)
Chinese Democratic Socialist Union (7)
South African Confederation (14)
Pacific Federation (30)
Neo-Soviet (32)
Polish (ONESS) (15)

Indonesian Republic (5)
Mercenaries (25)
Yenpalo (6)
Tolero (4)
Fortifications (9)
Desert Buildings (16)
Advanced Buildings (7)
Colony Base (15)
Desert Domes (5)
Research Base (7)
Moonbase (1)
Scenic Accessories (3)
Fireteam Bases (13)
Accessories (25)


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