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6mmSF - Anti-Aircraft
Page last updated : 9th November 2017

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SF300-101a Nemesis AA Tank £1.00
SF300-201a M-821 Boyd Anti-Aircraft Vehicle £1.00
SF300-203a M-411 Baumann Anti-Aircraft Vehicle £0.80

Out of Stock

SF300-301b Thor Anti-Aircraft Tank £1.00
SF300-401c Juin AA Tank £1.00
SF300-403d Tassigny AA Vehicle £1.00
SF300-408e Catroux AA Vehicle £1.00
SF300-501b Zhu De AA Tank £1.00
SF300-507b Xinglong long-range AA missiles £1.00
SF300-607c Wildebeest AA Vehicle £1.00
SF300-701a Tiger AA Tank £1.00
SF300-1208 Shershen AA Vehicle £0.80
SF300-1303e Suwalska with AA Turret £0.80
SF300-1406 P147 Arjuna AA Vehicle £1.00

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