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6mmSF - British
Page last updated : 16th May 2017

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SF300-101 Apollo MBT £1.00
SF300-101a Nemesis AA Tank £1.00
SF300-101b Zeus Command Vehicle £1.00
SF300-103 Artemis MICV £0.80
SF300-104 British Hestia Attack VTOL £2.00
SF300-106 Hermes Light Tank £0.80
SF300-107 Prometheus SPG £0.80
SF300-108 Hydra Weapons Carrier with Salvo Rockets £0.80
SF300-109 Atlas Grav Truck £1.00

Rules and Packs

IC-101 British ONESS Armoured Combat Team £36.00

Company Packs

IC-111 British Tank Squadron £11.75
IC-112 British Infantry Company £8.50

Squadron Commander

SCR-101 Kestrel Interceptor £2.50
SCR-102 Mosquito Fighter-Bomber £3.00

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