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6mmSF - Cimexian
Page last updated : 3rd January 2017

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A fantastic collection of alien Bug vehicles from the warped imagination of Jeremey Claridge. Ideal as opponents for any Human army.

BUG300-001 Agrom (missile-launching Bug) £0.75
BUG300-002 Anthom (artillery bug) £0.75
BUG300-003 Acarin (recon bug) £0.50
BUG300-004 Phytos (artillery bug) £0.75
BUG300-005 Cercon (plasma artillery bug) £1.00
BUG300-006 Mirin (APC bug) £0.75
BUG300-009 Homon (brain bug) £0.50
BUG300-010 Tetran (small brain bug) £0.50
BUG300-011 Manto Bug Walker £0.75
BUG300-012 Chilo (large transport bug) £1.00
BUG300-014 Isop Light Tank £0.50
BUG300-015 Tettigon Heavy Tank £1.00
BUG300-016 Ixod Heavy Tank £1.00
BUG300-017 Coccid Medium Tank £0.75
BUG300-018 Lygan (salvo artillery bug) £1.25
BUG300-019 Bug Infantry (pack of 24) £2.25
BUG300-020 Bug Heavy Infantry (pack of 16) £1.50
BUG300-022 Gyrin (scout APC bug) £0.50
BUG300-023 Prion (large APC bug) £0.75
BUG300-024 Orthon VTOL Transport Bug £1.00
BUG300-025 Neptis Small Aerospace £0.50
BUG300-026 Thysan Medium Aerospace Bug £1.00
BUG300-028 Dermes (crawler bug) £0.75
BUG300-029 Danaus (crawler bug) £0.75
BUG300-030 Lectul (crawler bug) £0.75
BUG300-031 Castan (crawler bug) £0.75
BUG300-032 Mellif (crawler bug) £0.75
BUG300-033 Talitri (walker bug) £0.75
BUG300-034 Apis (walker bug) £0.50

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