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6mmSF - EuroFed
Page last updated : 3rd January 2017

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SF300-401 Montsabert MBT £1.00
SF300-401a Montsabert Support Tank £1.00
SF300-401b Glorie Self-propelled artillery £1.00
SF300-401c Juin AA Tank £1.00
SF300-402 Garibaldi Heavy Tank £1.25
SF300-403 Tassigny APC £1.00
SF300-403a Tassigny Support APC £1.00
SF300-403b Tassigny Missile Carrier £1.00
SF300-403c Tassigny Command APC £1.00
SF300-403d Tassigny AA Vehicle £1.00
SF300-404 Caribou Light Attack VTOL £1.25
SF300-406 Javelot Dune Buggy with twin MGs £0.50
SF300-406a Javelot Dune Buggy with cannon £0.50
SF300-406b Javelot Dune Buggy with missiles £0.50
SF300-406c Musaraigne Observer Car £0.50
SF300-407 Gamelin Wheeled Medium Tank £1.00
SF300-408 Catroux Wheeled APC £1.00
SF300-408a Catroux Wheeled Missile Carrier £1.00
SF300-408b Catroux Wheeled Command Vehicle £1.00
SF300-408c Catroux Mortar Carrier £1.00
SF300-408d Catroux AGS £1.00
SF300-408e Catroux AA Vehicle £1.00
SF300-408f Catroux Engineer Vehicle £1.00
SF300-408g Catroux Ambulance £1.00
SF300-410 CAC-41 Light Anti-tank Gun plus crew £0.80
SF300-411 CI-55 Light Infantry Gun plus crew £0.80
SF300-412 Lièvre Pickup Truck £0.50

Rules and Packs

IC-401 EuroFed Combat Team £36.00
IC-402 EuroFed Legion Etranger MainForce £36.00
IC-403 EuroFed Heavy Breakthrough Unit £36.00
IC-404 EuroFed Legion Etranger Support £36.00

Company Packs

IC-411 EuroFed Tank Company £14.50
IC-412 EuroFed Infantry Company £9.50
IC-413 EuroFed Heavy Tank Company £17.75

Squadron Commander

SCR-401 Comete Light Interceptor £2.00
SCR-402 Folgore Multi-role Fighter £2.50
SCR-403 Météore Attack Fighter £2.50

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