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Germany is one of the founder members of the Organisation of North European Sovereign States, or ONESS. German forces face menaces both from the south in the form of the European Federation and the east, where the Neo-Soviets await. The shared border with France is a hotbed of small skirmishes which often break out into all-out war. German forces also bolster the Poles as they stare across the nuclear wastelands of Eastern Europe and try to hold back the Soviet hordes.

You can view a gallery of painted Germans here

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SF300-301 Thor MBT £1.00
SF300-301a Thor Twin-Gun Support Tank £1.00
SF300-301b Thor Anti-Aircraft Tank £1.00
SF300-301c Thor Heavy Support Tank £1.00
SF300-301d Thor Salvo Missile Tank £1.00
SF300-301e Thor Command Tank £1.00
SF300-301f Thor Salvo Rocket Tank £1.00
SF300-301g Sigurd Self Propelled Gun £1.00
SF300-302 Woden Heavy Tank £1.25
SF300-302a Helheim Urban Assault Tank £1.25
SF300-302b Fenrir Heavy Tank Hunter £1.25
SF300-302s Woden family Sideskirts (pack of 5) £1.00
SF300-303 Lynx APC £0.80
SF300-303a Lynx APC with autocannon turret £0.80
SF300-303b Lynx APC with heavy support turret £0.80
SF300-303c Lynx APC with AT missile turret £0.80
SF300-303d Lynx APC with salvo rocket turret £0.80
SF300-303e Lynx APC with twin AA gatlings £0.80
SF300-303f Lynx Mortar Carrier APC £0.80
SF300-303g Lynx Command APC £0.80
SF300-305 Wespe Light Attack Aircraft £1.50
SF300-306 Baldur Light Tank £0.80
SF300-307 Hyäne 6-wheeled Armoured Car £0.80
SF300-307a Hyäne Armoured Car with Support Turret £0.80
SF300-308 Joturn Self Propelled Assault Gun £1.00
SF300-309 Fixed Anti-Aircraft Mount £0.80
SF300-310 Thrall Hover-truck (pickup body) £0.80
SF300-310a Thrall Hover-truck (closed body) £0.80
SF300-310b Thrall Hover-truck with salvo rocket launcher £0.80
SF300-310c Thrall Hover-truck with AA mounting £0.80

Rules and Packs

IC-301 German ONESS Armoured Combat Team £36.00
IC-302 German Heavy Armour Force £36.00

Company Packs

IC-311 German Tank Company £11.75
IC-312 German Infantry Company £9.25
IC-313 German Supply Convoy £10.25

Squadron Commander

SCR-301 Hornisse Interceptor £2.50
SCR-302 Galland Attack Fighter £2.50

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