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6mmSF - Indonesian
Page last updated : 3rd January 2017

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SF300-1401 T14 Suharto MBT £1.00
SF300-1401a T14E3 Anjalika MBT £1.00
SF300-1403 M58 Sugama APC £1.00
SF300-1403a M58-C Wiranto Command £1.00
SF300-1405 S422 Slamet SPG £1.00
SF300-1405a S436 Binaija SPG £1.00
SF300-1405b S511 Sibayak MRL £1.00
SF300-1406 P147 Arjuna AA Vehicle £1.00
SF300-1407 R35 Bhima Armoured Car £1.00
SF300-1408 Kijang Armoured grav truck £1.00

Rules and Packs

IC-1401 Indonesian Army Group £36.00

Company Packs

IC-1411 Indonesian Tank Company £11.75
IC-1412 Indonesian Infantry Company £12.00
IC-1413 Indonesian Artillery Group £14.25
IC-1414 Indonesian Armoured Convoy £10.75

Squadron Commander

SCR-1401 Pedang Interceptor £2.50
SCR-1402 Kampak Attack Fighter £2.50

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