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6mmSF - Neo-Soviet
Page last updated : 14th September 2017

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Despite losing many allies and seeing great parts of the empire turn independant, Mother Russia didn't panic. She simply bided her time and waited until her strength had returned and conditions were in her favour. The new Soviet Union (known to the rest of the world as the Neo-Soviets) now sits as a great brooding presence overshadowing the east of Europe and much of Asia. In Europe, the ONESS is on the front line with the Finns fighting continuous skirmishes in the northern snows. Central Europe has reverted to a Cold War scenario with Polish forces, backed up by German and English contingents, staring at great swathes of Bizon tanks across the radiation wastes of Belarus and the Ukraine - but this cold war often turns hot as large armoured actions are fought over territory or possessions in the contaminated zone. In the south, the Caucasus mountains keep the Soviets and the Khallistani League from tearing into each other, but the Georgian oilfields provide a battleground for a world that still needs its fossil fuels.

Our Neo-Soviet range is our first foray into 6mm tracked vehicles. We think you'll agree that they have a very near-future 'Russian' feel to them, with heavy tracks, side-skirts and above all else, big guns !

Being new, the Neo-Sovs don't feature in either the Iron Cow or Future War Commander rulebooks. Experimental Iron Cow stats can be found in our Gaming Pages, while you can find an unofficial FWC PDF for them here.

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SF300-1201 Bizon MBT £1.00
SF300-1201a Bizon Support tank £1.00
SF300-1202 Mammont Super-heavy Tank £1.25
SF300-1202a Mammont with Gatlings £1.25
SF300-1202b Mammont with Particle Cannon £1.25
SF300-1203 Kunitsa APC £0.80
SF300-1203a Kunitsa Mortar Carrier £0.80
SF300-1204 Rosomakha Light Tank £0.80
SF300-1205 Shtorm SP Howitzer £1.00
SF300-1205a Molotok SP Gun £1.00
SF300-1206 Lisa Command Vehicle £1.00
SF300-1207 Mech Tank Hunter £1.00
SF300-1207a Volk Assault Gun £1.00
SF300-1208 Shershen AA Vehicle £0.80
SF300-1208a Vikhr Katyusha £0.80
SF300-1208b Osa Missile Carrier £0.80
SF300-1209 Laska Tankette £0.50
SF300-1210 Polevka Tracked Light Truck £0.50
SF300-1211 Vombat Tank / APC Hybrid £1.25
SF300-1211a Terminator Assault Tank £1.25
SF300-1212 BRKL River Gunboat £4.00
SF300-1212a BRKL Fire Support Boat £4.00
SF300-1213 Bars MBT £1.25
SF300-1214 BMP-BM APC £1.25

Rules and Packs

IC-1201 Neo Soviet Armoured Group £36.00
IC-1202 Neo Soviet Assault Group £36.00
IC-1203 Neo Soviet Guards Shock Group £36.00

Company Packs

IC-1211 Neo-Soviet Tank Company £11.75
IC-1212 Neo-Soviet Infantry Company £10.75
IC-1213 Neo-Soviet Artillery Battalion £18.50
IC-1214 Neo-Soviet Recce Company £9.50
IC-1215 Neo-Soviet Urban Assault Company £12.75
IC-1216 Neo-Soviet Assault Company £11.75
IC-1217 Neo-Soviet Heavy Tank Company £11.00
IC-1218 Neo-Soviet Guards Tank Company £14.25
IC-1219 Neo-Soviet Terminator Assault Company £12.75
IC-1220 Neo-Soviet Guards Infantry Company £14.00

Squadron Commander

SCR-1201 Sokol Interceptor £2.50
SCR-1202 Grif Bomber £3.00

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