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6mmSF - Recce Vehicles
Page last updated : 9th November 2017

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SF300-106 Hermes Light Tank £0.80
SF300-206 M-51 Oldmann Light Recce Tank £0.50
SF300-406 Javelot Dune Buggy with twin MGs £0.50
SF300-406a Javelot Dune Buggy with cannon £0.50
SF300-406b Javelot Dune Buggy with missiles £0.50
SF300-506 Giap Grav scout vehicle £0.80
SF300-609 Impala Armoured Car £0.60
SF300-706 Ocelot Light Grav Tank £0.80
SF300-707 Quoll Recce Vehicle £0.80
SF300-709 Minigwal Fast Attack Vehicle £0.80
SF300-710 Koala Heavy Attack Vehicle £1.00
SF300-712c Raeside Scout £0.50
SF300-712d Raeside with Missile Turret £0.50
SF300-1204 Rosomakha Light Tank £0.80
SF300-1209 Laska Tankette £0.50
SF300-1407 R35 Bhima Armoured Car £1.00
SF300-1506 Mantra Cavalry Vehicle £1.00

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