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Strike Legion: The Genome Gambit increases the depth and scope of your fictional wars by adding fully customizable xenomorphs (or plain old 'bugs' if you prefer), genetically modified 'super soldiers', and bio-mechanoid units and technology. Specialized command rules for truly 'alien' species provide new challenges and opportunities to play out in front of you on your tabletop.

New rule and scenario additions include naval and submarine movement/combat, tunnel movement, mine warfare, biochemical and nuclear weapons, fielding personalities or special characters, and more. Lower and higher 'mechanical' technology systems and unit construction rules are also included, allowing players to field either more advanced units or create forces analogous to existing modern/near-future terrestrial military hardware.

Note: this is not a complete game. Ownership of the Strike Legion Main Rulebook is necessary to use the materials presented in this book.

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Release Date : 27-May-2011

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