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Don't settle for a small patch of dirt - take the entire world!

Strike Legion: Planetary Operations takes your tabletop command abilities to a higher level. Command full regiments and divisions, engage and defeat the enemy -and still be home in time for supper.

Planetary Operations scales combat at 1 unit = 1 battalion, with attached units (scout, artillery, combat engineers, and other), air support, naval and tunnel movement/combat, complete construction rules, six complete forces, fifteen scenarios, many options for basic, advanced, and optional rules, and no less than three different styles of campaign games. Emphasis is placed on command decisions and the quality of your troops, not just on who has the latest, greatest hardware in their inventories.

Strike Legion: Planetary Operations is a complete game; ownership of other books in the Strike Legion series is not necessary to play this game.

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Release Date : 27-Jul-2011

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