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SF300-601 Ratel Medium Tank £1.00
SF300-602 Rhino Heavy Tank £1.25
SF300-602a Olifant Self-Propelled Artillery £1.25
SF300-603 Buffel Wheeled APC £0.50
SF300-603a Buffel with MG Turret £0.50
SF300-603b Buffel with Light Missile Turret £0.50
SF300-607 Wildebeest Heavy Wheeled APC £1.00
SF300-607a Wildebeest Support APC £1.00
SF300-607b Wildebeest HQ APC £1.00
SF300-607c Wildebeest AA Vehicle £1.00
SF300-608 Hippo Heavy Truck - Flatbed version £1.00
SF300-608a Hippo Heavy Truck - Office Body £1.00
SF300-608b Hippo Heavy Truck - Bowser version £1.00
SF300-609 Impala Armoured Car £0.60
SF300-610 Springbok Jeep £0.50
SF300-670 SAC Infantry in Bush Hats (pack of 24) £2.75
SF300-675 SAC Mounted Infantry (pack of 12) £2.75

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