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Aeronef Flags

Make your fleet look even more impressive in the Spithead review ! Self adhesive flags which you simply cut out and stick around the masts of your nefs. We'll be releasing flags for all of the nations we make nefs for, and more besides. The flags are based on naval ensigns of the late C.19th, so could also be used on historical ships of the same period.

VANF-101 White Ensign £0.50
VANF-102 Red Ensign £0.50
VANF-103 Blue Ensign £0.50
VANF-104 Union Jack £0.50
VANF-105 Scottish Saltire £0.50
VANF-106 Cross of St George £0.50
VANF-107 Welsh Dragon £0.50
VANF-108 Australian Ensign £0.50
VANF-109 Canadian Maple Leaf £0.50
VANF-110 Honorable East India Company Flag £0.50
VANF-111 New Zealand Ensign £0.50
VANF-201 Stars 'n' Stripes £0.50
VANF-202 Texan State Flag £0.50
VANF-203 Confederate Naval Jack £0.50
VANF-204 Confederate National Flag £0.50
VANF-205 Hawaiian State Flag £0.50
VANF-301 German Naval Ensign £0.50
VANF-302 German National Flag £0.50
VANF-303 German War Flag £0.50
VANF-304 Prussian Flag £0.50
VANF-401 French Flag £0.50
VANF-402 Normandy Nordic Flag £0.50
VANF-501 Russian Naval Ensign £0.50
VANF-502 Russian National Flag £0.50
VANF-601 Japanese Naval Ensign £0.50
VANF-602 Japanese National Flag £0.50
VANF-701 Austro-Hungarian War Flag £0.50
VANF-702 Austro-Hungarian National Flag £0.50
VANF-703 Austrian Imperial Flag £0.50
VANF-801 Brazilian National Flag £0.50
VANF-1001 Dutch National Flag £0.50
VANF-1101 Belgian National Flag £0.50
VANF-1102 Flanders Provincial Flag £0.50
VANF-1103 Wallonia Provincial Flag £0.50
VANF-1201 Luxembourg National Flag £0.50
VANF-1301 Argentine National Flag £0.50
VANF-1401 Peruvian National Flag £0.50
VANF-1501 Swiss National Flag £0.50
VANF-1601 Chilean National Flag £0.50
VANF-1701 Spanish National Flag £0.50
VANF-1702 Spanish Flag with Crest £0.50
VANF-1801 Italian Flag with crest £0.50
VANF-1901 Portugese Flag (1911-) £0.50
VANF-1902 Portugese Flag (1830-1910) £0.50
VANF-2001 Turkish Flag £0.50
VANF-2101 Greek Flag £0.50
VANF-2201 Bulgarian Flag £0.50
VANF-2301 Swedish Flag £0.50
VANF-2302 Swedish Union Jack £0.50
VANF-2303 Scandinavian Union Flag £0.50
VANF-2401 Danish Flag £0.50
VANF-2501 Norwegian Flag £0.50
VANF-2502 Norwegian Union Jack £0.50
VANF-2601 Polish Flag £0.50
VANF-2701 Chinese Yellow Dragon Flag £0.50
VANF-2801 Cuban National Flag £0.50
VANF-2802 Cuban Naval Jack £0.50
VANF-2901 Romanian National Flag £0.50
VANF-901 Signal Flags £0.50
VANF-902 Boer Flags £0.50
VANF-4001 Skull and Crossbones £0.50

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