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Aeronef - Scandinavian Union
Page last updated : 27th November 2015

Home > Product Ranges > Aeronef > Scandinavian Union In our (unofficial) Aeronef timeline, Sweden and Norway have been joined in a union by Denmark and control most of the Scandinavian peninsula, Iceland, Greenland, the Faroes and of course the Kattegat, Skagerrak and the Danish Straits between the Baltic into the North Sea. The Union is a primarily defensive organisation, with no expansionist agenda, merely a desire to look after the territory and peoples of the three countries. For a more detailed write-up, see our blog: The Scandinavian Union.

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Scandinavian Union
VAN-2301 Oscar II class Battleship £6.50
VAN-2302 Lillehammer class Battlecruiser £6.50
VAN-2304 Frederiksborg class Heavy Cruiser £3.00
VAN-2307 Udbye class Destroyer £1.50
VAN-2309 Scheele class Torpedo Corvette £1.25
VAN-2310 Vanern class Torpedo Nef £0.50
VAN-2311 Glomma class Patrol Nef £0.50

Fleet Packs

VANFP-2300 Scandinavian Fleet Pack £22.00

Flotilla Packs

VANFP-2311 Scandinavian Torpedo Flotilla £4.00


VAN-7231 Scandinavian Heavy Turrets (pack of 12) £1.50
VAN-7232 Scandinavian Light Turrets (pack of 12) £1.50

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