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Page last updated : 27th November 2015

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One of our most eagerly awaited ranges of 'Nef, the Turks rely mainly on home-made dirigibles and a small number of heavier-than-air craft imported from Germany. Armaments are sourced by various means, mainly illicit, some are copies made of weapon bought on the open market and some are salvaged from enemy vessels that have been captured or brought down over far flung parts of the Empire.

Although primarily pre-occupied fighting the age-old feud with the Greeks, when not doing so they can be found in dispute with just about anyone else bordering their expansive territories, most notably almost any other nation with interests around the Mediterranean.

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VAN-2001 Abdul Aziz class Dig Battleship £6.50
VAN-2002 Sultan Selim class Battlecruiser £6.25
VAN-2003 Muin-I-Zaffer class Dig Cruiser £3.25
VAN-2004 Assari Shevket class Dig Destroyer £2.50
VAN-2005 Yarhisar class Fast Torpedo Dig £1.00
VAN-2006 Keyk class Patrol Dig £1.00
VAN-2007 Barbaros Heyreddin class Battleship £6.50
VAN-2008 Turgut Reis class Cruiser £2.50
VAN-2009 Gemlik class Frigate £1.00
VAN-2010 Kindjal class Fighter (pack of 6) £1.25
VAN-2011 Sakarya class Destroyer £1.75
VAN-2012 War Balloon £1.75
VAN-2013 Abdulmecid class Fighter Carrier £6.50

Grand Fleet Packs

VANFP-029 Turkish Grand Fleet Pack £48.00

Fleet Packs

VANFP-2001 Turkish Dig Pack £22.00
VANFP-2002 Turkish Fleet Pack £22.00
VANFP-2003 Turkish Dig Pack #2 £22.00
VANFP-2004 Turkish Carrier Pack £22.00

Flotilla Packs

VANFP-2011 Turkish Torpedo Flotilla £6.00
VANFP-2012 Turkish Dig Escort Flotilla £9.00

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