15mm Doors and Widgets

Having had some test prints back from Shapeways, we’ve added two new items to our Shapeways store today. We’re making the doors and widgets that we use on our 15mm buildings available as seperate items so that you can customise our models or use them on your own scratchbuilds.

The first item is a selection of doors, both single doors (five designs) and a couple of larger double doors (two designs). You can buy either a set of ten or 20, the latter being ever-so-slightly cheaper per door.

CGI Image - doors

The other item is a collection of fans, vents and other widgets in six designs – two of each.

CGI Image - vents and fans

For the best detail we’d recommend having them printed in Frosted Detail or Frosted Ultra Detail acrylic.

Doors and vents in Frosted Ultra Detail acrylic

An economical alternative is Polished White, Strong, Flexible nylon – the detail isn’t quite as sharp but it’s still perfectly acceptable.

Doors and widgets in White, Strong, Flexible, Polished nylon

Available now from our Shapeways Shop.

New dice and bases

Now I’m sure you all know that we make lots of luvverly tanks, spaceships, Nef and so on in our palatial Brigade Towers establishment down in Kent. But did you know that we also stock quite a decent range of dice and bases to go with them ? And today this range has got slightly bigger – we’ve added three new types of base and two additional colours of d6, as well as making d10s available in single-colour sets (previously we only sold them in a pack of mixed colours)

Orange 6-sided dice

Rather than list all the items individually, just go to our Accessories homepage. Because no self-respecting gamer ever has enough dice, right ?

40mm lipped bases

More Shapeways Items

Following on from the launch of our Shapeways shop, we’ve been beavering away at new items that we can add to it. As mentioned, we’re sticking to subjects that would be difficult to offer in conventional materials, and the new offerings are no different. Pride of place must go to the magnificient 6mm Pegasus Bridge model which has been created for Maidstone Wargames Society’s display game which you’ll be able to see for the first time at Salute in April.

Pegasus Bridge

The power station Cooling Tower is a response to a request on the 6mm miniatures Yahoo list – it’s a bit small compared to some real world counterparts which would reach as much as 2 feet high on a wargames table at 6mm scale ! We’ll be offering this in two sizes, 60mm and 100m high.

Cooling Tower

Next up is a modern Power Pylon, again not based on anything specific but typical of the many that we see marching across the countryside here in rural Kent.

Power Pylons

Lastly for this preview comes a small Water Tower – again, this is for the Salute display game. It’s a pretty typical design, since I can’t find any photographic reference of the real thing that was in place on D-Day.

Water Tower

All of these models will be made available from our Shapeways store as soon as we’ve had prototypes back, just to prove that they work – probably 2-3 weeks (Pegasus Bridge might be a bit longer since the first attempt was rejected – which is why we get test prints first !!).

Missing links

We are referring here to literal missing links, not the Brigadiers’ gene pool.

It has come to my attention that the new South African spaceships are missing from the website (thanks, Gavin !) – no wonder we haven’t had any orders for them since the New Year !

Assegai battlecruiser

The pages are still on the website, but they’re missing from the SAC list for some reason. I’ll have to investigate and fix when I get home, but in the meantime if you want to order you can use these direct links:

Assegai battlecruiser
Drakenberg carrier
Oshana cruiser
Kashana destroyer
Frontier fleet pack

UPDATE – all fixed, the South Africans are back to full strength

New books on the Brigade Website


We have two new rulebooks releases on the website, along with the return of an old favourite. First we have The War That Never Was, an add-on module for Legionnaire Game’s Planetary Ops operational level rules. Secondly, again from Legionnaire, we have the first volume in their foray in starship rules, Task Force Zeta. Finally, the return of a stalwart in Majestic 12 Game’s Starmada X:Brigade, which also means that the starter packs are back too.

Spider Pig, Spider Pig, Does Whatever a Spider-Pig Does …

It has to be said that the frivolous Simpsons-related title of this post has absolutely nothing to do with the content, except for a very vague spider link … but hopefully it made you look !

The Brigade vulcaniser (big hydraulic press that turns raw silicon disks into finished moulds with application of lots of pressure and heat) lives in Phil’s garage. Like lots of garages it’s none-too-tidy, being used for storage of all sorts of domestic overflow that has nowhere else to live and playing host to various wildlife that likes the warm, dark corners – mice (don’t talk to us about mice), spiders and so on.

One spider decided to make its home between the plates of the vulcaniser while it was inactive for a few days. Not expecting there to be anything inside, when Phil came to make a new mould he didn’t exactly do a thorough sweep for foreign objects. Now spiders aren’t the most robust of creatures, and several tons of pressure at 80°C isn’t the best thing for their constitution, as this chap found out:

Spider mould
Spider mould

Phil assures me that the ‘Poo’ isn’t really that, it’s just dirt/dust/rust. I’m not convinced …

Spider mould
Spider mould

15mm Figures – first castings part #2

As promised here are some previews of the other half of our first batch of 15mm figures, again straight from a hot mould.

Bounty Hunters
Bounty Hunters

Look out over the next few days for some painted previews of these figures, as the ones in the photos were immediately whisked away to be cleaned up, based and undercoated.

We’re looking to release the first of these very soon – within a week or two.

15mm Figures – first castings

A few days back we unveiled some lovely new 15mm SF figures by French sculptor PF. Well, in between the Xmas sale orders Phil has found time to pop them in a mould and here are the results – these are straight from the mould with no cleanup, so they still have the odd moulding vent cast on them.

Alien Civilians
Alien Civilians
Assorted alien creatures
Assorted alien creatures

More later this week, when I should have photos of the Human mercenaries and alien bounty hunters for you.

The Future Starts Here

SHP Logo

If you followed this blog you’ll know that we, like many other miniatures companies out there, have started using 3D computer modelling and printing as an aid to the design of some of our models. So far we’ve used it to produce masters of models that are still produced the old-fashioned way by hand-casting in metal or resin.

Mass-produced 3D printing of all of our products isn’t here yet, speed and cost of production remaining barriers to be overcome. However, there are still advantages that it offers in terms of producing complex models that would be nearly impossible with traditional techniques. For example, models which are hollow or have significant undercuts, holes or insets can be printed in one piece without the need for complicated or fiddly multi-part designs that are difficult to assemble and delicate when on the gaming table.

To that end, we’ve launched our own fledgling shop on Shapeways, which we will use to offer models that we would find difficult or impossible to offer in the normal way. We will also offer a few pieces that we would like to produce, but that we suspect may not have mass appeal and thus would not justify the cost and effort of making masters and moulds. We’ll also be tackling subjects outside of our normal ranges (such as my current 6mm WW2 project).

Horsa Bridge

The initial range of models is quite small – but that’s because we want to get a prototype of each model printed for ourselves first, so we can make sure it all works OK and looks good. We’re hoping to regularly add new items as we design them and can get prototype prints.

Large Airship Shed