Normandy, here we come …

Some of you may have been following my 6mm Pegasus Bridge project for Maidstone Wargames Society (if you’re coming to Salute, be sure to pay it a visit). Many of the buildings and structures for this have been created as 3D computer models and printed out by Shapeways. Today we’re previewing a few more of these designs, which will be making their way into our Shapeways shop when we have had prototype prints back (due in the next few days, in case you want to check back then …).

The largest model by far is Benouville Church – this famously received a PIAT round through the tower on D-Day, as it was being used as a vantage point by German snipers.

Benouville Church

Benouville Church

Benouville Church

Apart from the church, most of this batch are all general-purpose houses that would serve for most regions of France (and probably a greater part of Western Europe, including Belgium, Holland and Germany). By careful design of the models (keeping the amount of material used to the absolute minimum), we think we can set the prices for these so that they are competitive with resin buildings of a similar size.

Normandy House 1

Normandy House 3

Normandy House 4

Normandy House 5

Painted PacFeds

We’ve been sent a batch of pictures of some very nicely painted 6mm models by Paul Lilley. Paul has three armies (so far, I think he’s planning more !) so we’ve split the pictures into three seperate galleries. The first of these is his PacFed grav tank army – you’ll find the gallery on the website.

PACFED Armoured Group by Paul Lilley

Shapeways – combined ordering

Reading various forums (should that be fora ?) it seems that one issue which is vexing people about our Shapeways items is the issue of shipping charges. Shapeways charge a flat-rate $6.50 to US addresses, $9.50 to Europe and an eye-watering $19.99 to the rest of the world (these are all US dollars, by the way). Which means that if you want just one or two models, shipping charges can form a significant proportion of the cost and make the purchase seem unecomomical.

End pieces for Horsa Bridge

So here’s our suggestion. Rather than making your own orders, e-mail your orders to us. We’ll put together a big order on which we’ll pay just the one shipping charge (which, since we’re in Europe, won’t be too horrendous). Then, when the package arrives, we’ll split it up and send it out individually to the correct recipients.

The downside of this will be time, so it’ll only work if you’re all patient – Shapeways orders take roughly 2-3 weeks to arrive, on top of which will be the time for the individual orders to get to you from us. And we’d have to wait for enough orders to build up to make it worthwhile, so we’d be looking at turnarounds of maybe 4-6 weeks or more.

We’ll charge you the same price for a model as you would pay from Shapeways (including any VAT, depending on where you live) and postage will be at our normal rates. We’ll send out PayPal invoices only when we place the order, so you won’t be paying weeks in advance of items being ordered.

Cooling tower (67mm tall)

We can also take orders to be collected at shows – Salute in April or Broadside in June are the next two. We’d need orders for those shows around four weeks in advance to guarantee them getting to us in time, but obviously you’ll save on postage for orders collected in person.

So that’s the idea – who’s interested ? Contact us on

Additions to the Shapeways Shop

We previewed some more 3D models a few days back – we were waiting for some prototypes to turn up before we added them to the store, just to make sure they were all OK.

Well, the parcel arrived yesterday and I’ve very rapidly taken a few photographs just to show them off. All are available from our Shapeways Shop as of now.

Cooling tower (67mm tall)
Power Pylons
Small water tower
Horsa Bridge end pieces