Last call …

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If you want to order any items from our Shapeways shop to collect at Salute, you have until the end of tomorrow to e-mail us with your requirements. We’ll be placing an über-order bringing together everyone’s pre-orders, which should arrive with us in plenty of time for the show. So if you fancy a Pegasus Bridge, or Horsa, our collection of Normandy houses or even some 15mm SF doors, get in quick.

Benouville Church

Skeletons in the closet ?

We have six in ours ! They’ve been lurking there for, well, ages, having been previewed in our old Design Studio page long ago. The six are a drummer and standard bearer, plus a leader and three more armed with spears.

Skeleton Standard Bearer    Skeleton Drummer    Skeleton Spear Leader

Skeleton Spearman    Skeleton Spearman    Skeleton Spearman

They will be available at Salute 2012.

Building a bridge … at last !

Anyone who’s been following the progress of our Pegasus Bridge game will realise that I’ve had a rather frustrating time getting hold of a model of the bridge itself. The 3D computer model has been submitted to and rejected by Shapeways on three or four occasions, but the Shapeways team have been very helpful in pointing out ways we could fix it, and at last we came up with a set of solutions. A copy of the model finally arrived at Brigade Towers yesterday, and to say I was pleased would be the understatement of the century. Just take a look …

Pegasus Bridge

Pegasus Bridge

Pegasus Bridge

The model is already on the painting table, ready for installation on our gameboards in the next week or two. There are also a bunch of other new items ready for our Shapeways store, but I’ll save those for later this week – I thought Pegasus deserved an entry all of its own.

If you want your own, the model is available for sale now in our Shapeways store. If anyone wants to pick one up at Salute, e-mail us by the end of this week (March 31st) and we’ll ensure one is waiting for you.

Salute Releases

As in previous years, we’ve (finally) added a previews page for new releases at this year’s Salute show to our website.

Salute logo

Most of what goes on there will get mirrored here on the blog (we started yesterday with the Land Ironclads forts) but the website page will have full details of pricing etc.

It’s all pretty exciting leading up to Salute this year, mainly because we’re a bit disorganised so even we have no idea what will be appearing !!

VSF Forts

More previews today, this time of three fortifications for Land Ironclads or Aeronef. These models have already been moulded and we’re casting tins for a production mould – we’re aiming to release these at Salute in April.

First up is a British tower fortification, based on the designs of the WW2 Maunsell Forts, some of which are still in place off the coasts of East Anglia and Kent. The 3.7″ AA guns on the real thing have been replaced by a pair of our standard British Aeronef turrets for more firepower ! Although designed as a sea fort, the design would look perfectly at home on land as well.

Maunsell Fort    Maunsell Fort

The next one is a heavy artillery fort, with four turrets (this example is fitted with French/Austrian turrets), for maximum destructive capabilty. If the Maginot line had looked like this, Hitler wouldn’t have stood a chance …

4-turret Fort    4-turret Fort

Last up, and based on what I think is an image from a between-the-wars toy building set (which I can’t now find), is a strongpoint with a single turret and plenty of firing slits for emplaced infantry.

Strongpoint    Strongpoint

World of Water

Another bunch of models have just become available on our Shapeways store – two more Normandy buildings, and three water towers. Yes, three ! Why ? No idea really, I just sat down one day and decided to make them …

The two Normandy buildings are more variations on a similar theme, as I strive to make enough variety to cover my Pegasus Bridge table. All of the buildings in our range are based on real ones that I photographed while on holiday.

Normandy House

Normandy House

Now for the water towers. First, we have a fairly straightforward concrete ‘mushroom’ tower, based on the Roihuvuori one in Helsinki, Finland, although much scaled down – the real thing would be be about 6.5″ high at 1/300th scale !

Mushroom Water Tower

Next up is a spheroid tower, based this time on one at Darwin Airport.

Spheroid Water Tower

Finally, and my personal favourite, a British 30s water tower based on one at Tilehurst near Reading, complete with a first floor viewing gallery !

Tilehurst Water Tower

I promise some better photos soon, just as soon as I’ve painted these …

We’ve also been through our entire Shapeways store and reviewed our pricing. In the process we’ve knocked a little bit off the price of just about all of the models, so they’re even better value now.

Salute 2012

We have an ever-increasing number of 3D models on our Shapeways Store which are printed to order – we don’t generally hold any stock. However, if you want to avoid postage costs, we are taking advance orders on these models to be collected at Salute 2012 – just e-mail us a list of your requirements. We will then order these from Shapeways, and you can collect them on the day. Because of the lead-time on Shapeways production, we must have any orders by the end of Sunday April 1st at the latest. You can either pay in advance or on the day – but please note that we can’t offer any discount on Shapeways items. You will be able to see many of our Shapeways creations on the day at the Maidstone Wargames Society Pegasus Bridge game.


A sqonut ? It’s a Tesco thing, a SQuare dOughNUT. With custard in the middle. Phil and I tried a couple the other night – you can read what we thought when we both wax lyrical in the cake reviews section of the main website. And for once, we don’t agree on the merits of this particular confection !

Tesco's Sqonuts

Nef naming

Talking to a customer in the US over the past couple of days led me to his club’s website, Houston Beer and Pretzel Wargaming. In amongst their photo galleries are some great aeronef pictures, well worth a look for those of a VSF persuasion.

What I really like about some of them are the name labels on the Austro-Hungarians, which take the form of a national pennant with the name of the ship printed down the centre. A simple idea, but nicely executed, effective and worth sharing. Take a bow, Andy !

Austro-Hungarian aeronef

Normandy buildings available

The Shapeways Normandy buildings we previewed a week or so back have arrived at Brigade Towers, and we’re extremely chuffed with how they’ve turned out. Here’s a few pictures of the unpainted models, lined up next to various tanks and infantry.

Benouville Church 
House #1

House #4 
House #5

These four models are available from our Shapeways store now. The prices are pretty reasonable, and compared to resin models, these weigh next to nothing and are just about indestructable.

This range of buildings will be expanding pretty rapidly – we need lots for our Pegasus Bridge project ! Expect to see around 15 or so by the end of April.