VSF Forts

More previews today, this time of three fortifications for Land Ironclads or Aeronef. These models have already been moulded and we’re casting tins for a production mould – we’re aiming to release these at Salute in April.

First up is a British tower fortification, based on the designs of the WW2 Maunsell Forts, some of which are still in place off the coasts of East Anglia and Kent. The 3.7″ AA guns on the real thing have been replaced by a pair of our standard British Aeronef turrets for more firepower ! Although designed as a sea fort, the design would look perfectly at home on land as well.

Maunsell Fort    Maunsell Fort

The next one is a heavy artillery fort, with four turrets (this example is fitted with French/Austrian turrets), for maximum destructive capabilty. If the Maginot line had looked like this, Hitler wouldn’t have stood a chance …

4-turret Fort    4-turret Fort

Last up, and based on what I think is an image from a between-the-wars toy building set (which I can’t now find), is a strongpoint with a single turret and plenty of firing slits for emplaced infantry.

Strongpoint    Strongpoint

Salute Releases

[…] of what goes on there will get mirrored here on the blog (we started yesterday with the Land Ironclads forts) but the website page will have full details of pricing […]