Salute Releases

So it’s now just two days to go. I’m getting panicky about finishing the Pegasus Bridge game (the last 2-3 buildings aren’t even due to arrive until today !!) while Phil and I are (as always) both worried that we don’t have enough stock of this, that or the other. So no change from any other Salute. But in 48 hours time we’ll be finishing off the setup of the stand, the game will be sitting proudly just down the aisle and we’ll be awaiting the opening of the doors and the onrushing horde.

Salute logo

We do have a pretty decent list of new releases, especially if you’re a 6mm or 15mm SF gamer looking for terrain ! You can see a list of the confirmed releases on the website, and even at this late stage there are likely to be more additions (Aeronef gamers should certainly keep an eye out before Saturday, and we might well spring one more 15mm surprise if all goes to plan).

Chrau Diliu
Blood Cauldron