Aeronef previews

My master building days haven’t quite gone according to plan (sick children & shopping for my mother) but I have managed to make some progress.

Tony introduced me to the Caproni Ca.60 a little while ago. This was a prototype passenger plane from 1921 with nine (!!!!) wings. It only made one flight before it crashed. Anyway it cried out to be made for Nef.

Since I’m in a bit of an aeroplane mood at the moment following on from the Heyworth we released at Salute I’ve also finished a Russian bomber based on the WWI Sikorsky Ilya Muromets bomber. Rather more conventional than the Caproni but still rather distinctive with the wings right at the front of the fuselage.

Also on the go are a couple of new Nef battleships. This time for Italy and Switzerland. The Italian battleship is an upscaled version of the Re d’Italia featuring three turrets. The addition of a third battleship for the Italians will make their fleet a little top heavy so I’m also working on a couple  smaller Nef to balance things out.

The Swiss currently only have a small Nef fleet and lack the  vessels needed to safeguard their neutrality. The new battleship should help keep their neighbours in check.

I have also achieved one of my other goals – I’ve managed to watch a series of Drop the Dead Donkey as well.