Last of the new stuff … for now

So we reach the end of our burst of new releases. The last items are all 15mm SF, although at opposite ends of the size scale. The prize for sheer bulk goes to the AmRep Curtiss Heavy Hover Tank, a behemoth at over 75mm long (excluding gun barrel). This is the first of our new wave of 15mm releases, 3D sculpted and scaled at 1/100th (slightly larger than our existing models).

SF15-202 Curtiss Heavy Tank £8.00

At the more diminutive end of the scale, we have the second two packs of PF’s excellent figures – Human Mercenaries and Alien Bounty Hunters.

Human Mercenaries
SF15-003 Human Mercenaries (pack of 5) £2.00

Bounty Hunters
SF15-004 Alien Bounty Hunters (pack of 5) £2.00

We’re working at bringing a rather steadier trickle of releases over the next year, rather than our intermittent bursts of lots of models at one go, and might even get things announced in advance – so keep your eyes peeled …