VSF Sale

It’s summertime, so glorious weather, barbecues, cricket on the green … or if you’re in the UK this year, thunderstorms, hail, floods, umbrellas …

Belgian Land Ironclads

And it’s also time for the Brigade summer sale season. Like last year we’ll be running several week-long themed sales, each covering a subset of our ranges (this just makes things more manageable and ensures we don’t get swamped by the demand !).

Heyworth Bomber

Our first sale covers our two Victorian SF ranges, the ever-popular Aeronef and Land Ironclads. From today (Friday 29th) for one week (until Friday 6th July) all models and packs in both ranges are 15% off.

See the Aeronef or the Land Ironclads ranges on our website and pick up a bargain or two !

Battle of Fairlight Cove

Strike Legion: Platoon Leader

Platoon Leader

Strike Legion: Platoon Leader is a 15mm-based small unit combat game, where individual soldiers can make the difference between victory and defeat. The game features:

  • Alternating squad-based activations, with each team of a squad capable of carrying out independent actions;
  • Team actions that allow great latitude in tabletop operations, including a sensible Overwatch system and multiple team actions per turn based on morale status;
  • Leaders and leadership actions that affect teams, squads, and (possibly) the actions of your entire force;
  • Special rules for crew, medic, scout, and sniper teams;
  • Crewed weapons and squad support weapons;
  • A section dedicated to special characters (Personalities);
  • Complete vehicle combat rules, including provisions for gunships and infantry teams mounted on personal vehicles;
  • Several dozen infantry team attributes, weapons characteristics, and vehicle systems that can be incorporated into the player’s own unit designs using the enclosed unit construction rules;
  • Seven scenarios and over two dozen pre-made units;
  • Simple conversion scales to use figures ranging from 6mm to 28mm, based individually or with figures mounted on team bases.

Our first batch of print copies are inbound, and the website is ready to receive orders now.

Maidstone Wargames Society Open Day

Tomorrow is the Open Day of our club, Maidstone Wargames Society. This is when we open the doors to show the public what wargaming is about, allow people to join in the games etc. It’s not a conventional wargames show, there are no traders (not even us – although if anyone wants anything, the workshop is only 5mins down the road so I suppose I could go and get it !). It’s just a fun day where we get to display our games and (hopefully) pick up a new member or two.

So if you’re in the area and want to pop along, please do. I’ll be there with the Pegasus Bridge game, and will be happy to talk for hours on the battle, making the game or the joys of 3D modelling. If you would like me to bring anything Brigade along, I can get it in the morning on the way, so e-mail me.

New Shapeways Items

We’ve updated our Shapeways Store with a number of new items recently – not all of these are on our website yet, so you’ll need to straight to Shapeways website to see them.

Pegasus Bridge houses

These include more of the items from the Pegasus Bridge game, including the Vorpostenboot with which I had so much ‘fun’, more houses and a rather nice farmyard. There’s also an odd subject, a small (scale unspecified) model of a bridge (based on the design of Long Bien bridge in Vietnam) which we produced for a friend to use as a ground target for Vietnam-era aircraft games.


Fade to Grey

Curt Campbell, Canadian gamer, has embarked on a project he’s calling ‘The Great War in Greyscale’ – painting up Great War 28mm figures in shades of grey, rather than colour, the better to reproduce the feel of period photographs. A very novel and ambitious project, we’re following this with interest. This week he’s posted black and white versions of some of our Belgian dogcarts.

Greyscale Dog Carts

Review time

Johan van Ooij (otherwise known as Gunbird) has posted a review of a couple of our Shapeways items – I thought I’d share (since it’s a nice review !) …

20mm and then some …

If Johan’s post inspires you, we have several sets of power pylons available for sale directly from our website if you want to order from us, or you can go to our Shapeways store to see what other items we have available.