Maidstone Wargames Society Open Day

Tomorrow is the Open Day of our club, Maidstone Wargames Society. This is when we open the doors to show the public what wargaming is about, allow people to join in the games etc. It’s not a conventional wargames show, there are no traders (not even us – although if anyone wants anything, the workshop is only 5mins down the road so I suppose I could go and get it !). It’s just a fun day where we get to display our games and (hopefully) pick up a new member or two.

So if you’re in the area and want to pop along, please do. I’ll be there with the Pegasus Bridge game, and will be happy to talk for hours on the battle, making the game or the joys of 3D modelling. If you would like me to bring anything Brigade along, I can get it in the morning on the way, so e-mail me.