15mm Bizon

Another package of 3D prints turned up today, the first for a while (I took a well-earned break after the 3D printing madness of the Pegasus Bridge game).

The biggest item in there was the print (or prints, for there are lots of parts) of the 15mm Bizon tank. This has both the tank and twin-gunned support variants, along with a small sprue of stowage (fuel drums, equipment locker, spare roadwheel and track link). Along with the previously seen Laska and Kunitsa prints, we’re now ready to start getting the 15mm Neo-Soviets into production. The package also included reprints of some parts of the Laska that I managed to destroy during a previous mould-making attempt !

The fit of the parts was perfect – these models are just push-fitted together and sat on my workbench (even the top hatches are just sitting open without any glue or support), then stripped down again ready to be cleaned up and given a quick coat of gloss varnish (to make them easier to pull out of the mould). I shall be disappearing into the potting shed at the bottom of the garden with a tin of RTV-101 to start making new master moulds this very evening …