Bits ‘n’ pieces

While I had the camera out for the Bizon the other evening, I took the opportunity to take a few snaps of some work-in-progress 6mm stuff that was lying on the workbench. I tend to work on multiple items at one time, so that while one master is drying/setting/curing I can switch to another.

Some of you might know of the Mounier Load Carrier, a 10-wheel Eurofed truck (part of the Legion Etranger set of models) that has been stuck in development hell for an age. Well, I’ve put together an armed variant carrying both salvo-rocket and AA missile turrets, and we should be able to release both models together pretty soon. The salvo rocket turret also goes onto the Montsabert tank hull to create the Weygand rocket launcher (from the Kicking Up Dust Iron Cow scenario).

Something a bit more weird and wonderful now. In WW2 the Soviets built a series of river patrol boats armed with a variety of tank turrets, Katyusha rockets and so on. Known as Bronekater (bronirovannyie katera, or armoured cutter), a large number were built and they served throughout the war.

So, this is my take on a Neo-Soviet near-future version of the same vehicle – this time armed with Bizon and other assorted turrets. There are two slightly different versions – the first has a Bizon turret front and rear (the model shows one tank turret and one support turret, but any mix of the two turrets will work) and will also carry two of the small gatling support mounts just behind the deckhouse. The second variant has a single Bizon turret at the front and two support turrets aft – either Shershen AA or Vikhr salvo rockets.