These are not Turnips

The brigadieress was out yesterday evening, off for a girl’s night out with some friends, so I settled in for an evening of master making. There was even some cricket on the box to keep me amused (not proper cricket, mind, only some 20:20 hit-and-giggle, but at least it was better than Eastenders !).

I’d decided what I was going to do beforehand (many’s the time I’ve sat down in front of the modelling table and fiddled with a few bits of plastic but not really achieved anything) and had sketches and a plan in mind – mostly Aeronef, but also finishing off a master or two that had been sitting almost completed for a while.

My first achievement was finishing off the Neo-Soviet river patrol boat – it just needed a little bit of filler rubbing down in one or two places, some more little details and I was done. This will hopefully hit a mould pretty soon and be released in time for SELWG.

My Aeronef endeavours were concentrated mostly on a new fleet I’ve been working on (the headline of the post is a bit of an oblique clue as to their national identity). I’ve had the hulls done for ages, sitting on the workbench taunting me with their blank decks – so now it was time for some serious superstructure work. I wasn’t sure how far I’d get, and in the end I was quite pleased to have completed a light battleship and torpedo boat and be well on the way with most of the others. Another evening or two and these guys will be ready – I’m hoping to do this in the next few days.

In the photo below you can see the ten assorted hulls with basic superstructures, along with a pair of turrets on a sprue ready for the mould. The little plane isn’t part of this fleet, it’s a French monoplane fighter (Phil and I are working on a plan to give each of the major powers, and some of the minor ones, their own unique fighter and bomber models).

We’re targeting a SELWG release for at least part, if not all of this fleet, so stay tuned for more progress.