More Scandinavian previews

I found time to put together sample of each of the rest of the Scandinavian aeronef last night (at least those that came out of the mould OK – three of the castings had bent funnels so will have to be repaired and recast). The photo isn’t the best, but the models look great now the turrets have been added.

I’ve had a bit of fun researching some flags, so we have several new releases including the Union flag plus special versions of the Swedish and Norwegian flags with the Union flag in one quadrant.

We’re also adding the two turret types to our ever-expanding range of accessory packs, so you can use them for conversions or scratch-building.

The fleet pack contains one of each capital ship, two heavy cruisers, two destroyers and two torpedo corvettes, plus flying stands, a union flag sheet and a CD with Aeronef stats.

So the initial line-up for the Scandinavian releases is as follows:

VANFP-2300 Scandinavian Union Fleet Pack £22.00
VAN-2301 Oscar II class Battleship £6.50
VAN-2302 Lillehammer class Battlecruiser £6.50
VAN-2304 Frederiksborg class Heavy Cruiser £3.00
VAN-2307 Udbye class Destroyer £1.50
VAN-2309 Scheele class Corvette £1.00
VAN-2310 Vanern class Torpedo Nef £0.50
VAN-2311 Glomma class Patrol Nef £0.50
VAN-7231 Scandinavian Heavy Turrets (x12) £1.50
VAN-7232 Scandinavian Light Turrets (x12) £1.50
VANF-2302 Swedish Union Flag £0.50
VANF-2303 Scandinavian Union Flag £0.50
VANF-2502 Norwegian Union Flag £0.50

We should have plenty of stock of all of these on Sunday at SELWG.

As a further Aeronef-related goodie, we have a small number of copies of Uber Goober GamesUniversal Airship Combat System rulebook. This is an expansion sourcebook for the Über RPG: Steampunk Ruleset, but can also as a stand-alone miniatures combat and campaign system. The rulebook sells for £12.