Rubbish and Water

The average town or city produces lots of one and requires plenty of the other. Neu Celle is no different, so we’ve put our minds to servicing the town’s needs.

Firstly, the rubbish needs to go somewhere. So you need bins, skips or dumpsters, and we have the perfect ones in 15mm. Two British-style rubbish skips for the big rubbish and three dumpsters (large rubbish bins) for the household stuff. Find these now in our Brigade3D Shapeways store.

And now to water … despite decades of terraforming, Mars is still mostly arid. The icecaps have yielded sufficient water, but in more remote areas the problem is making it accessible. The answer lies in moisture collector units which use heat exchange mechanisms to condense water out of the thin Martian air, and store it in underground tanks or the roof tanks built into the domes of most buildings. Again, these can be bought directly from our Shapeways store.