SELWG Releases

With just over a week to go to the show we’re firming up on the new models that we’ll have available.

After a successful run of the master moulds the other night, we have tins and initial stock of the Neo-Soviet BRK gunboat, in two variants with a choice of turrets. Although we’re selling this as a Neo-Soviet model, it looks pretty good with other turrets from our 6mm range (for example, I tried it with the German Helheim gatling turret and EuroFed Tassigny AA turrets because they happened to be lying on my desk). If you ask us nicely enough we’ll sell it with whatever turrets you require.

In the same master mould were the two Scandinavian Union capital ships. The cruisers and escorts will be in a second mould which we’ll be spinning today. We should have the full range of ten plus fleet packs and Union flags on the day. As you can see, the ‘Nef absolutely look the business when tooled up with all of their turrets and masts.

As a little experiment, I also made up a couple of our Land Ironclads scale fortresses with Scandinavian turrets (I would have done the 4-turret fortress as well but ran out of turrets !). The Maunsell fortress (right) needs a little bit of work (drilling out holes for the turret pegs) but they look fine.

The next confirmed release will be the 28mm Great War Belgian skirmish infantry in three variants – infantry in shako, Grenadiers and Carabiniers.

Don’t forget that we’ll also have stock of Angel Barracks 6mm SF civilians and RDF infantry with us as well.

That’s what we have confirmed so far, but there may be more if we pull our fingers out, so stay tuned.