The City of the Future

Terraformed Mars is a harsh place – cold, sandstorms, nothing but rocks and desert for miles. Life in the colonies is tough. Unless you live in one of the few cities of course, where live is comfortable, clean and almost like living back on Earth.

Lowell City is the largest city on the planet, the de facto capital – or at least it would be if the various Earth powers would stop squabbling over Mars long enough for a stable planetary government to be formed. Although still small by Earth standards, Lowell City is a clean, modern place with all the facilities needed entice families to move offworld.

As promised earlier in the week, here’s a preview of our new 6mm SF buildings – these are completely different in design to the existing desert buildings, with a far more futuristic look to them. The first four are three houses of various sizes and a small apartment block. The sort of houses you’d find in the suburbs of Lowell City.

As you can see, we had the doors and windows printed in a different (higher detail) material than the building shells, so I still need to do quite a bit of assembly and cleanup before they go into production. But you get the idea …

There’s no release date on these yet, we were hoping for SELWG but a combination of late delivery from the printers and overload from the last leg of the sale means that is now unlikely.


We’ll have to look at the costings for that one; it would be around 5″ tall so a reasonable chunk of resin. The rest will almost certainly make the transition to 15mm.

Paul Gallagher

Would it be possible to make the apartment building in 3 or 4 parts? I.e. ground floor, upper level & roof? So then you’d buy the ground floor & roof plus however many apartment levels you wanted.

Paul Gallagher

Hopefully it will be feasible & we’ll soon be seeing apartment blocks springing up all over the place.