Tiny Houses

As mentioned in a recent post, we’re planning to expand our range of 2mm scenery as part of the Land Ironclads range. To this end, we were rather excited when a bunch of 3D prints arrived the other week.

The first batch consisted of 20 different English village buildings – mostly houses, with the odd inn and shop thrown in for good measure. Each building is unique, so it will allow you to build a largish village or maybe two small hamlets without any repetition.

The second batch was nine English churches in various styles. The larger size meant that I had to model the towers separately from the naves, so I took the opportunity to make a common join, which means that any of the tower designs will fit any of the three nave types. There are three main tower designs (crenelated tower, steeple, low-pitched roof) but each is slightly different, so it’s possible to make up to 27 unique church designs.

Unfortunately, the prints weren’t all that we had hoped for – the definition isn’t great and some of the buildings are mis-shapen. They certainly aren’t as good as the various forts and lighthouses that arrived before them. We can’t decide whether it’s a bad print, or it’s simply that we’ve pushed the limits of this particular 3D printing material too far with these tiny, tiny houses (some are only 5mm across). We either need a (better) reprint using this material (which we like for buildings because of the natural rough surface finish) or find a material that can cope better with very small models. Either way, we won’t be able to put them into production immediately as we had hoped ๐Ÿ™


For miniatures that are not as good as you hoped, they look damn fine to me at this distance! In any event, a great start to the project, and hopefully something more to your exacting standards will be produced ๐Ÿ™‚


They’re not bad, but I compared them to the prints of the forts and lighthouses that we got a month or so before and these are nowhere near as good. So I know they can be better.