2mm Building Previews

As mentioned earlier this week, we’re working on a new range of buildings for our Land Ironclads VSF range. The buildings are all modelled at 1/1000th scale so besides Land Ironclads they are also ideal for 2mm or 1/1200th vehicles and figures. Besides the churches and houses previewed in the earlier post, I’ve already modelled a number of other buildings which you can see below. The first set, already complete, are agricultural buildings – farmhouses, barns, sheds, windmills and – very common in the Kent countryside around Brigade HQ – oast houses (there’s one at the end of my road, now used as an office building).

The next set consists of a number of industrial buildings – small and large factories, warehouses, a pumping station, workshops, even a hydro-electric power station. The four rather imposing smoke-stacks tower over the tiny houses, and all four are interchangeable if you want to customise the look of the buildings.

The third set is a series of terraced houses for more urban landscapes. There are four designs, and other slight differences between some of them. Often associated with Northern England, terraces of this type are also seen in abundance in the south of the country (all of them are based on terraces in our local area).

All three sets have been ordered from the printer and are due in the next few days. Because we order them in sets that fill a complete production mould there is no intermediate master-mould stage and we should be able to get these into production quite quickly.


Simply stunning – a ground-breaking, wish-fulfilling new range! Can’t wait for these to be available….


Thanks, David – we’re hoping to release the first ones very soon (ie within a couple of weeks). The production moulds for the houses and churches are done, we’ve been running them in and making sure they work OK, just need some painted samples and we’re away !

Prints for the models in this post are also on their way – they’re due to arrive on Wednesday.

Quarterstaff Games


How do these compare to the Dystopian Wars buildings? I would love to add some of your in order to make a more realistic looking town if they are similar in scale.



To be honest, I don’t really know – I’ve never seen any of the DW models up close. Ours are 1/1000th scale – the doors are 2.25mm tall (around 7 scale feet) and an average 2-storey house about 7-8mm.