Laskas and failing Bizons

Phil had a bumper week last week, putting the vulcaniser to work and producing loads of moulds. He’s already shown off the 15mm PacFed parts and 6mm Indonesians, but just as crucial was the mould for the Neo-Soviet secondary turrets – the remote tri-barrel gatling that adorns many of their vehicles. Having this means we can at last put together some complete models – well one, anyway, the Laska tankette. There are three variants, the recce version with gatling turret, support version with missile turret and forward observer vehicle with sensor package. I’ve put one together, given it a quick coat of primer (simply because it photographs better than bare metal) and here you go.

It’s a lovely feeling to at last have something complete that we can put on the table and actually use in a game !

At the same time we have hit a snag with the Bizon 🙁 The track unit is refusing to cast reliably from the master mould, and if it doesn’t work from that then we can’t make a production mould and expect that to be reliable. So we’re going to have to modify the track unit and get a new one printed, then make new moulds from that. This will put the release of the Soviets back a bit (it’s pointless releasing the rest of the vehicles without the main battle tank !) but, looking on the positive side, the PacFeds have been coming along nicely so what we’ll do is switch the release order and get those out ahead of schedule instead. Hopefully then you’ll all buy lots to fund the next army (likely to be the Germans)

We’re discussing possible release dates now, given the impending Christmas sale (yes, it’s that time of year already) and the likely heavy workload that generally results from that event. It may not be the most sensible idea to release loads of new (and hopefully popular) models in the middle of our busiest period of the year, given that we both also have impending deadlines looming in our day jobs.