Tiny Houses (redux)

A couple of weeks ago we brought you pictures of some 3D prints of our first set of Land Ironclads scale (roughly 2mm / 1/1000th) houses. Sadly these weren’t really up to scratch, being a bit off the mark in terms of the print quality. Fortunately the nice people at Shapeways also thought so, and offered to reprint them for us. These new prints have arrived in double quick time, and are a massive improvement – so 10/10 for Shapeways customer services department. The detail is much crisper, the edges are square and the windows no longer look like they’ve been pushed into a bit of plasticine with someone’s thumb ! There were happy faces at Brigade Towers this evening, it must be said 🙂

The models are the same – we have a set of 20 English village buildings (mostly houses, with the odd inn, pub or shop amongst them) and nine two-part churches. The nine towers will fit any of the three naves, allowing for plenty of variation.

Because we’ve made enough prints to completely fill two moulds, we should be able to release these in double quick-time because we can bypass the intermediate master-mould stage and go straight to production moulds (the original hope was that we’d have these for SELWG, but that didn’t happen). The houses will come in a single pack of 20 houses for around £5, while the churches will be in a pack of three (one of each nave and three random towers/spires) for £3. The successful printing of these also gives us the confidence to go ahead and order more buildings – we have farms, factories and terraced houses ready to go and lately I’ve been working on some Mediterranean buildings as a break from 15mm tanks. I’ll preview some of these later in the week.

Pete Simpson

Excellent little models. Can’t wait for there release. How about some 2mm ACW buidlings for riverine warfare??


We have a big list of 2mm buildings we’d like to do, and ACW is definitely on there – 1/1200th is a pretty popular naval scale and these would suit it perfectly. These initial sets (and the next 2-3, the CG images of which I’ll put up on here tomorrow) are all intended to represent Victorian England, but assuming they sell well enough we’ll certainly be branching out into other territories.

Michael Connor

Are these tiny buildings available for sale right now? And if so, how do I go about ordering them, can`t find anything on this site. Link??



Having seen some of the DW vehicles from Spartan, I’d say they would work IF you accept the vehicles as being very large indeed. If taht is a pound coin, then these houses are smaller than even the smallest ‘tank’ in that range, though mostly vertically.

But it’s probably a matter of taste – you might like the vehicles to look imposing 🙂


That’s a penny, not a pound coin. It’s 20mm across, which probably makes them even smaller than you thought ! But IIRC Dystopian Wars doesn’t have any infantry figures (doesn’t it use counters ?) so there are no man-sized figures to give the game away. As Covertwalrus says, if you’re happy with the tanks being really big and imposing then they should work.