Coming soon

While you’ve been enjoying our Twelve Days of Christmas previews, we’ve been beavering away behind the scenes – mainly on clearing the massive sale backlog (getting there … still quite a few orders to go) but we’ve also been been preparing the way for new releases. As promised, with the New Year comes the first of our new wave of 15mm SF vehicles. We’re finishing off the last of the production moulds for the PacFed vehicles which will be the first to appear – you can see below the first assembled versions of (L-R) the Wombat MICV, Cougar MBT and Ocelot light tank. The Wombat and Cougar will be available in a week or so – just as soon as the last sale orders are clear. The Ocelot will follow soon after, along with the Minigwal recce vehicle. And, of course, there’s the small matter of the Neo-Soviets and Germans to follow, not to mention all the other ranges.


I’m aiming to get these painted for a club meeting at the weekend, but I suspect that the order backlog might get in the way of that !

Chris K.

Looking great! These might end up being used in some alien forces, simply because the vehicles are so different to everything else in the 15mm market.