More 2mm Buildings

This weekend we’re releasing more models in our remarkably popular 2mm buildings range. This time we have a pack of 16 sets of terraced houses; there are four different types with some minor variations.


VLI-8012 – 2mm Terraced Houses (x16) – £6.00

In addition, we have these:


No, not silver torpedoes ! They are in fact poplar trees. I’ve seem some excellent 2mm trees make from pipe cleaners (bump chenille) and round-headed drawing pins (check out the galleries in the 2mm Wargaming group on Facebook), but poplar trees are slightly tricker – but they look very distinctive in rural and farming areas.

VLI-8013 – 2mm Poplar Trees (x36) – £2.50

Just to show what can be done with them, I started by basing some on a short length (1″) of 1x4mm plastic strip. I drilled five 1mm holes with a pin vise and superglued the poplars in place (as you can see, they come on a variety of sizes – height and girth).


After a quick spray undercoat, I painted the trunks brown and the foliage dark green followed by a quick drybrush of a lighter colours. This brings out the texture and they already look pretty good, and would be perfectly usable in this state.


Then I coated them in PVA and dipped them in a dark flock – Woodland Scenics fine turf


Not bad for about 10 mins work (excluding drying time)