On the Twelfth Day of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me …
The Royal Space Navy;
Thank you – we hope you’ve enjoyed our twelve-day preview marathon. Now to get on with making some of these designs real !

Sample designs spaceships from the British Royal Space Navy. These are very much work-in-progress, the destroyers define the style but the rest of the fleet still needs a lot of work. Hopefully the first wave will be ready for Salute in April.

Liking the smaller designs – but I confess the winged look does not exactly float my boat on the larger ships.


The ‘wings’ have already got a bit stubbier, although I like the vertical fin look (it echoes that of the Pommerania) so that will stay.


No problem with the vertical fina at all – gives it a ‘racing yacht’ feel like a Vulcan in flight! The linear look of the hulls is what i most admire, like the original Pommerania, or even the Cold Navy Kaladorn IIRC.
Looks promising in any event! šŸ™‚


The idea is that the ONESS states – Germany and Britain so far – have similar types of ship (variations on the ‘flying brick’ essentially) with different styles of detailing. This will apply to Polish ships when I eventually get around to them (and I have distant plans for Netherlands forces one day too).

Coming soon

[…] you’ve been enjoying our Twelve Days of Christmas previews, we’ve been beavering away behind the scenes – mainly on clearing the massive sale […]

The Monkfish

Britannia shall rule the stars, I can now assemble a Commonwealth naval force and put those upstart continental types back where they belong.
I’m thinking HMS Aether (Destroyer like the current type 45’s) and Universe (carrier class(continuing the current HMS Ocean name style) will be patrolling the space lanes very soon.