Celtos Playtesting

Last Saturday saw the first playtest of the new Celtos rules by anyone outside the four of us involved in developing the game. Eight members of Maidstone Wargames Society very kindly offered to spend a club meeting playing the latest version of the rules with a variety of armies. Three 6’x4′ tables were set up – we didn’t use a great deal of terrain since the focus was on a) the main core mechanisms, and b) the clarity of the writing of the rules (did what we’d written down on paper reflect what we actually meant ?). The three tables saw something like eight games over the seven hour meeting – one pair managed four games (they think it might even have been five !).

The good news is that the core rules stood up as pretty solid – none of the games ground to a halt as unworkable. It also showed us that we have the size and pacing of the game about right as well – we’re aiming for a game of 6-8 bases per army that will play in 2-3 hours. The armies weren’t necessarily perfectly balanced, we haven’t tackled the points system yet (the table that played four games had all of them end emphatically in favour of the Sidhe over the Fomorians) but that was to be expected.

The next step will be to take the feedback from the players, integrate it into the latest rules draft and repeat the exercise.

Below is a selection of photos from the day. If you look very closely you might see a few figures that you don’t recognise (at least, not as part of the Celtos range) – we were using some stand-ins from other manufacturers for models we’re planning but don’t have sculpted yet. The Sidhe and Fomorian armies were based on the first examples of our resin cast bases that we’ve designed specifically for the game.