PacFed Reinforcements

Assuming you’ve all recovered from the excitement of Phil’s Land Ironclad Cake, today it’s back to the more serious business of releasing new models. Early in December we published a post outlining our new releases for the next 2-3 months; so far we’re doing OK, the 2mm buildings on that list are out, as are the first of our new wave of 15mm models, the PacFed. We haven’t yet managed to get the 15mm Neo-Soviets out yet, we’re having casting issues with the track units which might mean getting them reprinted :-(.


But the delay on the Soviets has given us a window to release something else – so we’ve brought forward the release of two more PacFed vehicles, the Ocelot light tank and Minigwal recce vehicle. These are available on the website already, joining the existing Cougar and Wombat.

The Minigwal comes in two flavours, one with a twin-MG secondary turret and the other with two missile launchers.


SFS-706 Ocelot Light Tank – £7.00
SFS-709 Minigwal Grav Scout- £6.00
SFS-709a Minigwal w/Missiles – £6.00