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More previews today; as we continue in our ongoing plan to replace all of our existing 15mm range with new, remastered and rescaled models, I’ve been working on on of our most popular armies, the European Federation. The first two vehicles are the Montsabert tank and Tassigny APC, with a variety of turrets.





The hulls and main turrets have already gone off to be printed, so hopefully we should be able to show you the models and side-by-side comparisons with the old versions soon.


About 20% – from old 1/120th scale to 1/100th. Should be able to post some side-by-side pictures of the old and new models next week.

William Minsinger

Looking good I like the idea of multiple turret options and a command model of the APC. Will the other forces be getting similar upgrades?



All of the older 15mm models will be replaced – it’ll take us around 12-18 months to do this. At the moment I’m trying to get the basics done for each force – a tank, APC and maybe some variants and the odd extra vehicle – that’s for about 10 different factions. Then once that’s done we’ll start adding more vehicle types – I’m very keen to do some super-heavy tanks (Mammont, Komodo, Garibaldi, Woden etc).

Of course, all of this depends on people buying the new models …

William Minsinger

Sounds like a plan! A tank and APC with turret swaps sound like a good start for everyone. With all of the turrets shown above there’s a lot of cool vehicles for the Eurofed right out of the gate. It looks like the Neo-Soviets are getting much the same from their line up, and I think that’s a great idea. Super-heavy tanks sound cool; I’ll see if I can invest in some of the upcoming models!

Chris K.

Outstanding. The originals are some of my favorites in the range… looking forward to beefier versions.


The prints arrived Wednesday and have already been cleaned up and passed on for mould-making. Fortunately I managed to take some photos first so I’ll post those later this week.