Coastal Defences

It’s new releases time again. Today we have two new forts in the Land Ironclads range. These are based on the existing Sea Fort model which came out at the end of last year (which itself is based on the real-life Maunsell forts, examples of which can still be seen off the Kent and Essex coasts), but with one and four pillars respectively.

VLI-8008 – Single Pillar Sea Fort – £1.00
VLI-8009 – Four Pillar Sea Fort – £3.00

Four-Pillar Sea Fort

As with the two-legged version they don’t necessarily have to be used as sea forts, they’d look just as good as elevated land fortifications. The four-pillar one would make an excellent centre piece for a fort complex, surrounded by satellite one- and two-legged forts.

Single-Pillar Sea Fort

We’ve also updated the pages for all of the forts so that you can choose the type of turret they are supplied with. Not all of our turrets have the same peg-and-hole arrangement, so some turrets will require a little bit of snipping, filing or trimming to make them fit, but it does open up the option to make themed fortifications for different nationalities. Below you can see the original two-turret Sea Fort model fitted with Scandinavian heavy turrets instead of the default British ones.



My mind can’t get of the thought that these would also be a good sight as space defenses, maybe with a hangar or/and some smaller point defense guns on them. Nice work, anyway.