Swabhuana Paksa*

More cool previews today – these are the first new models for Squadron Commander for a while, and the first sculpted digitally.


The two models are the Pedang interceptor (top) and Kampak attack fighter (bottom) – the names mean ‘Sword’ and ‘Axe’ respectively.

We’re aiming for a Salute release alongside the Indonesian ground forces, for which these would make perfect air support elements.



* – “The Wings of The Motherland”; motto of the Indonesian Air Force


Thanks, Andreas. Having seen these, I’m left wishing we had time to go back and re-do all the existing SC models as 3D sculpts.


Those look absolutely fantastic. I love them and will buy them as soon as I can raise the money to do so. I really like the Indonesian vehicles too. Now, where is that lottery win so that I can buy lots of all of them?