15mm EuroFed

The natural enemies in the Iron Cow universe to the Germans are the European Federation. Encompassing the southern states of the old European Union, the Federation is effectively controlled from Paris and seemingly perpetually in conflict with the North European states of the ONESS.
Today we’re releasing the first batch of resculpted EuroFed vehicles, which were some of our most popular models in their previous form. The initial release consists of two variants of the Montsabert MBT and two of the Tassigny APC.

SF15-401 – Montsabert MBT – £8.00
SF15-401a – Montsabert MBT (support turret) – £8.00
SF15-403 – Tassigny APC – £8.00
SF15-403b – Tassigny with Missile turret – £8.00

We previewed a number of upcoming variants of both of these vehicles a while back, but can we tempt you with a preview of the larger Garibaldi heavy tank … ?


Or how about the Galieni Tank Destroyer ?


All of the older versions of the Montsabert and Tassigny have now gone from the website, but the newer variants will be arriving soon to take their place.


Galieni Tank Destroyer? Is that a completely new model in 15mm, because I don’t recall there being one in 6mm . . .