15mm Previews

With the recent release of the new German 15mm vehicles (and the impending re-release of the EuroFed models) I’ve been working hard lately at redesigning more of our 15mm range (and coming up with new stuff too).

First up, and just about finished is the South-African Rhino wheeled MBT. There are a few details still to be done, but mostly dull stuff like the attachment points for the main gun and wheels. It looks particularly intimidating in the low-down, front-on view. My next project is a 15mm version of the Wildebeest APC, which has not previously been available in this scale.



At Salute we were fortunate to be situated next to Keith Armstrong of Armies Army, and I recently participated in his successful Kickstarter project and picked up a number of his very nice 15mm near-future British infantry figures. This has inspired me to go off and update our British vehicles to give Keith’s figures some transport and armoured support. The Apollo is much more like its 6mm counterpart – I was never really happy with the turret of the old Apollo model, it was too tall and not wide enough, so this version corrects that.


The Artemis has had a much more thorough overhaul, making it bulkier and looking more like something that could carry a full squad of infantry. The turret has also been enlarged, with the same guns as the German Lynx APC showing their origin as fellow members of the ONESS.


Release date ? Don’t know yet. Our first task is to get the British spaceships reprinted and remoulded, and I should be ordering the new prints for those in the next few days. I’ll probably take the opportunity to order some 15mm vehicles at the same time. But the nature of things with our part-time business is that I can make 3D models much faster than we’re able to get them moulded and released, so there will always be a queue.


Yah, new Brits! All of the models look ace, will definitely be doing a Brigade + ArmiesArmy force when I get the chance….