15mm SF Germans Re-released

We’ve released the first batch of resculpted German vehicles in our 15mm range today. The initial offering is four models – standard MBT and heavy support versions of the Thor tank, and MG and autocannon armed versions of the Lynx APC.


SF15-301 – Thor MBT – £8.00
SF15-301c – Thor Heavy Support- £8.00
SF15-303 – Lynx APC – £8.00
SF15-303a – Lynx APC with autocannon – £8.00

We’ve now removed all of the old versions of the Thor and Lynx; we’ll be adding replacements for the other variants (AA, command, rocket launchers etc) in the fullness of time.


Okay, I didn’t like the old turret, but damm, this is a nice model! Any words on the british fleet?


The British fleet is going to be delayed a bit (I did comment on this in a post a week or two ago). Essentially we’re decided we’re not happy with the quality of the casts of some of the larger models, so we’re going to reprint and remould them. This will take several weeks (having been delayed by the fact that we ran out of moulds and had to wait for new supplies !). But we’d rather do this than release models we see as not up to the quality we’re after.


Sorry, didn’t read that, but it’s good to hear you going for quality models. Is there any chance that we can get a german tank with a centered gun part, a.i. in the middle of the turret? I imagine that it would look awesome!
Hope you guys are fine btw.


Neat and congrats on getting them out! I’m curious, what is the support weapon on the Thor ‘supposed’ to be? A low-velocity AP gun, an indirect support weapon, or something else?



I guess I see it as the equivalent of the CS support variants that were made of a lot of British WW2 tanks. A low-velocity gun with a Damn’ Big HE shell, designed for knocking down buildings and bunkers and attacking infantry in the open.

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