Slamming the PacFed

If you went to Salute you probably saw the Warlords’ Route 66 Hammers’ Slammers game (you couldn’t really miss it, just inside the main doors). If you looked closely you’d have spotted, in a very fetching multicoloured blue livery, a number of our new PacFed 15mm vehicles.
vehicles 1 s
These have now been officially co-opted into the Slammers’ Universe as the Terran Authority Starmarines Advanced Police Units, and details and stats can be downloaded from the Hammers’ Slammers website.

Squadron Commander Update

SCR Logo

Following the release of the Indonesian Republic vehicles and starfighters, we’ve updated our Squadron Commander resources page to include stats for the two new fighters, the Pedang and the Kampak.


Flesh and Steel


Today we’ve added the third book in Legionnaire Games’ Task Force Zeta series of starship rules, Flesh and Steel, to the website.

TFZ-003 – Task Force Zeta: Flesh and Steel – £12.00

Task Force Zeta: Flesh and Steel pits the forces of mankind’s United Colonies against the Cyberon, a race of mechanical constructs, in sweeping fleet engagements across the known universe. This Fleet Pack includes:

  • A background history that describes the basic setting and the conflicts of the First and Second Wars between the United Colonies and the Cyberon;
  • Data Cards for 37 capital and escort vessels, along with a dozen fighter and shuttlecraft, in a new (and far more attractive) data card format;
  • A section with basic descriptions of each ship and fighter class in this Fleet Pack, along with availability charts for fighting pick-up games with ‘historically accurate’ forces;
  • A short selection of special rules to better reflect this universe (that can also be adopted for any game of Task Force Zeta);
  • Two battle scenarios;
  • Two Tactical Campaign Games, including a CG map, terrain notes for each of the 22 star systems on the map, and the addition of simple resource management to replace fleet losses during a Tactical CG;
  • Suggestions on where to find appropriate miniatures to better reflect the vessels of the combatants on your tabletop.